On Being Extraordinary


“The best way to make a lasting impression is to make sure you’re unforgettable.”

“Until you see yourself as exceptional,  you will never accomplish anything extraordinary.”

“You are beautiful, but until you feel this to be true within yourself, you will never accept it as a reality.”

“Oftentimes the way others perceive us matches up with our perception of ourselves. Never understimate yourself. Know that you are extraordinary in every way.”

“Let go of everything that doesn’t feel like it’s part of your essence. Be true to You.”

“The moment you realize how exceptional you are,  you’ll see that any dream you have can become a reality.”

“You have finesse. You have style. You have personality. You can do, be, or have anything you want. Just tap into the power, strength, and courage within you. Think Remarkable. Think Wonderful. Think Extraordinary. Think You.” 

“The single best way to be remarkable is to be yourself. Don’t imitate. . .Innovate.”

(This page and all written material at the SuccessDiva pages is written by Alexis Wingate. (C) Copyright 2010 by Alexis Wingate, the SuccessDiva. All Rights Reserved)